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More than an LMS or LXP, Training Manager's intelligent learning platform is designed to help companies increase their competitiveness and the retention of their employees, customers and business partners by developing their skills.

With Training Manager, offer a personalized learning experience integrated into your learners' workflow, while meeting your efficiency, flexibility and compliance challenges.

Transform your organization through learning

With our Training Manager learning management system (LMS), centralize all sources of knowledge into a single platform and present learners with activities that are relevant and essential to their contexts and your business rules.

With the Training Manager learning management system, benefit from 360° visibility on your training activities and a more efficient and agile overall management of all your learning objectives and processes.

Integrate an innovative and motivating learning experience

Integrate the LXP Training Manager and motivate your employees, customers and business partners to learn and develop their skills by presenting them with the training most relevant to their contexts and objectives, integrating artificial intelligence tools, intelligent virtual assistant or augmented reality tools such as Microsoft Remote Assist.

Allow your managers to make the best decisions based on a global view of their management areas, complete information and relevant recommendations generated by the artificial intelligence engine.

Customize your platform according to your current and future business needs

Seamlessly adapt LXP Training Manager to your existing processes and current and future business needs, and evolve your learning platform as you grow.

Optimize learning and skills development with our customizable LMS based on the Azure cloud and reduce your costs related to training your learners.

Training Manager's features
  • Governance & Compliance
  • Structure by user and user groups
  • Registration & approbation
  • Learning and Objectives Path
  • Personalized reports
Course creation & delivery
  • Trainer, Rooms & Tools Management
  • Learning Activities / Evaluations / Surveys
  • Hybrid mode (face-to-face and virtual)
  • Variety & external integrations of content sources
  • Formal, Informal & Social
  • Micro-learning
User experience
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • Dashboard and view by function and role
  • Context-sensitive Help & Customized Notifications
  • Artificial intelligence & augmented reality (chatbot & coach)
  • Mobile version & Gamification

Redesign your learner's experience
for greater engagement


Deliver your training content directly via Microsoft Teams or on-demand.


Customize training paths and dashboards for the LMS administrator.


Give your learners the freedom to train whenever they want.


Integrate assisted learning for your learners with Microsoft Remote Assist

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Our strength of customization


We realize a proof of concept based on your business issues.


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We deploy the platform within 3 weeks.

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