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Wiseleap Becomes a Subsidiary of Emyode
21 June 2018
by Emyode

Montreal, June 21, 2018 – Montreal-based company Emyode announced it has completed the full integration of Wiseleap Solutions, which it acquired last March. Following this acquisition, Wiseleap became Emyode’s aviation subsidiary.  

Now backed by a team of over 50 employees, Emyode is extending its expertise to the aviation industry. The company thus aims to transform the industry through technological solutions, which will simplify winter operations management, employee training and how airport resources are used.

The technology of new subsidiary Wiseleap is currently being deployed in over 100 airports across North America. “With Deicing Manager, for example, we are providing a very innovative approach, enabling airports and airlines to better coordinate their de-icing operations according to weather conditions. This application aims to improve operational efficiency and reduce airline operating costs,” explains Emyode CEO Réjean Robitaille. “Pilots also really appreciate the Deicing Holdover mobile app, as it allows them to make wise decisions regarding de-icing and reduces wait times for passengers.”

Since its creation, Emyode has transformed the way their clients do business, helping them increase performance. “Over the years, Emyode has developed expertise and efficiency in software development, which is rooted on the promise of value-added delivery every three weeks. It is this experience that we wish to put at the service of the aviation industry with our new subsidiary,” adds Mr. Robitaille.

“We had the opportunity to work with Emyode before the acquisition. In addition to the extraordinary efficiency of their team, I was impressed by their commitment to customer service and innovation. As Partner and Business Development Manager of the new aviation subsidiary, it was with great enthusiasm that I welcomed integration with the Emyode family,” said Hamid Zaidi, Wiseleap Co-Founder.

About Emyode
For over 15 years, Emyode has specialized in the design and deployment of software solutions based on Microsoft technologies. Its expertise encompasses not only cloud-based application development and the modernization of existing applications, but also application management and monitoring services with 24/7 technical support. Emyode provides clients with customized software services and coaching on modern IT approaches and technologies such as cloud-based Microsoft Azure and DevOps. The company’s philosophy is to team up with clients to simplify the evolution of their business applications. For the third year in a row, the company has made the Growth 500 list. To learn more:

About Wiseleap
For over 10 years, Wiseleap has specialized in consulting and software development for the aeronautics industry. Their products and technologies help clients capture and act quickly on data while optimizing operational efficiency. Wiseleap is Emyode’s aviation division. Website:

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