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Microsoft Inspire 2018 – Being Inspired Even More
23 July 2018
by Emyode

What an incredible week we had at Microsoft Inspire! We got a fantastic keynote speech from Satya Nadella, vision of great experts, we met talented people and the whole Microsoft community. We can say that every year we get the same feeling: We come back inspired!

We learned that the coming year is all about the Intelligent Cloud, the Intelligent Edge, and inspiring Transformation. And in order to achieve that, we, us Partners and people from Microsoft and from the industry, need to collaborate and work together even more than before… connecting with empathy, compassion and support to help our customers achieve their success and growth.

And for us, knowing that we are partnering with a company that is committed to make others look “good” gives us another reason of being in this world.


Satia Nadella, président directeur général, s'adresse au Microsoft Inspire

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“I’ve lived through the client-server, the web, mobile, cloud. (…) As we look forward, the opportunity for us to serve our customers in this new era of the intelligent cloud and the intelligent edge is far greater. (…) What we’re going to see going forward is going to be even more profound.”

Satya Nadella – Microsoft CEO
Inspire 2018 Partner Conference, Las Vegas


A New Era for Artificial Intelligence

This year’s Inspire was all about Transformation – digital, process, technology, business, people, and the next focus for Microsoft is Artificial Intelligence or AI. Why AI? Because computing is becoming part of everything we do, our daily life and our world… and it is everywhere.

We understand this means that eventually all existing applications we use will be infused with AI – with the ability to have perception, language, and autonomy capabilities. That is the reason why – along with DevOps and Azure – we put AI as one of our three areas of focus.


And as sometimes coincidence do, one of our great moment at Inspire came from a live demo of some Microsoft AI amazing possibilities presented by a team of two young AI recruits aged 15 and 17. Just to prove to us that future leadership is already here.


The future of Microsoft

Microsoft’s mission is to empower people to achieve more, said Satya Nadella in his Corenotes presentation. Everything we do has to be driven by a deep sense of this mission. As a result to this move into the new era of “intelligent cloud and intelligent edge”, the world will see a profound shift in the way of doing things.

This means that when it comes to design, development and deployment of future applications, this “Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge” will demand that we take these three things into consideration when building applications because they will be happening simultaneously:

One thing is certain, the future is looking even more intelligent!


Focus on Partners

We were pleased to hear that the key focus for the coming year is on Partners. Program changes and updates were announced to help partners specialize and accelerate the co-selling efforts of solutions between Partners and Microsoft to the benefit of the customer, allowing for:

For instance, with the new Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (AEMSP) program, customers can be reassured that partners are fully certified and more than ready to help them with their cloud migrations and projects. For us, it becomes an additional tool for helping our clients in their cloud migration initiatives as part of their digital transformation.

But the best news for us is the multi-partner integration when it comes to a Customer solution created by multiple partners. Not only this new system lets multiple partner solutions come together, but it comes along with a systems integrator for helping with sales and deployment, which will be valuable to partners and customers.


New Apps and Technologies for Azure

Several new applications and technologies were announced that are responding to many requests and wishes:


On behalf of the Emyode team, we wish to thank Microsoft for the quality and excellent organization of this event. It was an honor and such an experience for Emyode to be again part of this event, sharing highlights and insights with other partners and people from the industry about technology and innovation, and how it can benefit us together, but more importantly… our work with our clients.

We would also like to thank all participants and sponsors for their presence and their contribution to the success of this amazing event. See you next year!

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