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Emyode offers its Training Manager platform free of charge
27 April 2020
by Emyode

Montreal, Quebec, April 27, 2020 – Emyode is proud to announce its wish to contribute during the current COVID-19 crisis by offering its Training Manager platform – free of charge – as a “Community” edition to help Quebec and Canadian companies in their will to maintain jobs by supporting their training projects.

To provide support during the COVID-19 crisis, the Quebec government is now proposing the new PACME program, a program for all businesses whose operations have decreased, increased, or diversified due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses will be able to benefit from financial assistance of up to 100 per cent of eligible expenses for human resource management activities or the development of workers’ skills.

During this difficult period, Emyode wishes to contribute to the fight against the pandemic and support the Quebec and Canadian community.

” The current unprecedented situation is affecting many businesses in a very negative way. As a company present in Quebec, we wanted to support the local and Canadian community by helping them overcome this crisis.”

Réjean Robitaille, CEO of Emyode.

” The PACME program offered by the Government of Quebec is a great opportunity for us to contribute in our own way because we currently have a platform dedicated to the management and tracking of employees’ training in the aviation industry. This is why we are offering our platform free of charge to companies wishing to take advantage of the PACME program to train their employees and keep them employed. They will be able to manage this effectively with a tool specially designed for this purpose.”

Although the platform is designed to meet the requirements of the aviation industry, Emyode is aware that it may not be suitable in its current state for many industries.

However, Emyode’s desire is to enhance its Training Manager platform to adapt it to the needs of these industries, requiring rigorous management and monitoring of their workers’ training to meet compliance standards.

” The goal of our contribution is first and foremost to help the community, but we also want to develop our platform to make it accessible to other industries and adapt to their specific needs, thus making it a local success. That is why we are offering it as a “Community” edition, in order to gather feedback from our users and improve the platform as we go along,” added Réjean Robitaille.

About Training Manager

Training Manager is a tool developed for the coordination, entry and monitoring of information relating to the training of employees of companies operating in the aviation field. This software centralizes all this information in a single platform designed specifically according to the needs of airlines, airports and service providers.


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