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Docker, Kubernetes, Azure and DevOps – webinar
9 September 2020
by Emyode

Modern computing without applications just doesn’t compute right. And today, for an application to be relevant, it must be robust, efficient, flexible, available when needed, modern and able to evolve with time.

But what about Modern Infrastructure?

Virtualization brought us tools like virtual machines, containers and the cloud. Everyone agrees that the cloud can host a huge number of applications with humongous capacity. But left alone, the cloud is unable to detect a problem that could cause the app to be offline or perform such services as capacity or resources management.

So what can we do?

On Wednesday September 30, Jean-Paul Lizotte, our Chief DevOps Practitioner at Emyode, invites you to join us for our WEBINAR about Docker, Kubernetes, Azure and DevOps, to elaborate a little more on the question.

WHEN: Wednesday September 30, 2020 – 12pm to 1pm (EST)

TO WHOM IS THIS WEBINAR FOR: Non technical people – Introduction and Intermediary (level 100 – 200)

To register, CLICK HERE. (This webinar will be presented in French)


And because DevOps is all about working better, we’ll show you how a secured implementation of DevOps with Kubernetes on Azure can help you attain a good speed and security equilibrium faster and at a greater scale.

You’ll understand why DevOps and Kubernetes make the perfect pair. And why Kubernetes is not just the new kid on the block.

Looking forward to talk about Containers, Kubernetes and of course DevOps with you.

Jean-Paul… and the Emyode Team