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Application security and SecDevOps – Webinar
9 July 2020
by Emyode

We would like to be able to secure everything, but if we agree that it is critical to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data, why is it so difficult to prevent common security breaches?

It’s mainly a question of exposure, the “what, to whom, how” are often behind security breaches. Even using best practices for authentication, encryption, and infrastructure isolation, if a system is complex, it’s nearly impossible to make it foolproof. So how do we go about it?

On Wednesday July 29, you are invited to join our WEBINAR about Application Security and SecDevOps presented by Jean-Paul Lizotte, our Chief DevOps Practitioner at Emyode.

WHEN: Wednesday July 29, 2020 – 1pm to 2pm (EST)

TO WHOM IS THIS WEBINAR FOR: Non technical people – Introduction and Intermediary (level 100 – 200)

To register, CLICK HERE. (This webinar will be presented in French)


In this webinar, I invite you to follow our approach where we are trying to reach a point where we have control over the future of our application. This while trying to prevent technical errors in the development of the application as well as faults in our ways of doing things, all tinged with SecDevOps (or DevSecOps).

And using our application “Deicing Manager”, I will tell you about the changes that we had to make to our ways of doing things because of the new scope of the application.

Looking forward to talk SecDevOps with you.

The Emyode Team