Case Studies

Business Continuity

Development and implementation of software solutions for monitoring, maintaining and managing thousands of private and public sector companies' telephone systems in the telecommunication sector.

We have built a long term partnership with Bell Canada and solutions have been implemented progressively to avoid causing any service interruptions and assure best possible return on investment.

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Developing and implementing software solutions for monitoring, maintaining and managing thousands of private and public sector companies’ telephone systems in the telecommunication sector.

Client expectations:

  • Reliable, efficient, continuous service
  • Reproducibility of manual processes
  • Extremely rapid and professional response in the event of failure
  • 99.9% availability rate for critical functions
  • 24/7 service
  • Thorough awareness of the status of thousands of telephone systems
  • Effective, robust, flexible and scalable system for handling incidents
  • Understanding of the field of business as well as operational realities and complexities
  • Having a close (direct) relationship with the supplier and collaborating with the department as a partner to ensure business continuity


  • To increase the robustness of the service
  • To simplify IT management
  • To reduce maintenance costs
  • To automate repetitive tasks
  • To offer flexibility with respect to cost control and development
  • To deliver a rapid return on investment through the rapid deployment of solutions

Challenge 1

  • Authorizing access from two distinct networks. For Bell Canada, obtaining approval for an external supplier to access an internal application (organizational and security-related obstacles).

Challenge 2

  • Implementing robust, autonomous infrastructure which requires minimal hardware and software maintenance.

Challenge 3

  • Rapid development & deployment in order to meet business requirements and since it was considered a critical system, it required 24/7 application monitoring + a succession plan.
  • We have built a partnership with Bell Canada that has continued to evolve for over ten years. Solutions have been implemented progressively to avoid causing any service interruptions. An open, collaborative approach has facilitated making changes and adopting solutions based on financial realities and evolving priorities.

    2005 to 2009 | Optimization of existing technological solutions (technical standardization):

    • Developed new real-time communication modules for more than 3,000 telephone systems without disrupting operations
    • Centralized multiple databases to streamline management
    • Developed new .Net-based applications capable of parallel processing in order to speed up request processing times
    • Developed a dashboard that accurately represents the status of systems in real time in order to simplify their administration
    • Designed a secure website linked to the database in order to enable remote configuration and simplify request management
    • Automated data backup and various routine functions
    • Supported the client in selecting new telephone modems that were more efficient and robust
  • 2009 to 2011 | Transition to new, more efficient technological solutions:

    • Piloted transition of SMART incident management system to a more customized solution integrating CA Spectrum (monitoring tool), Maximo (asset management software) and SAP (customer relationship management solution)
    • Linked new technological solutions to existing systems, applications and hardware, including a new communication network, IRIS (IP Routing in Space) Next-Generation
  • 2011 to 2013 | Modernization of storage system:

    • Transferred data to new, more efficient servers
    • Duplicated infrastructure on external servers to allow swapping of all data in the event of a major problem
    • Completely re-engineered existing modules to meet recovery needs in the event of a major problem
    • Virtualized servers

    2013 to present |Progressive deployment of new functions at six-week intervals:

    • Gradually growing the application until there were over 300 software components to manage in total
    • Deployed more than 14 sets of new functions without loss of service
    • Regularly maintaining over 30 servers associated with the solution with no loss of service

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1) Improved robustness of service:

  • Improved availability from 75% to 99.9%
  • Significantly reduced incidents per month from 30 or 40 incidents to almost zero
  • More than 75,000 connections to telephone systems each day with no impact on continuity of operations

2) Reduced maintenance costs:

  • Reduced maintenance time at client from 40 hours to two hours per week
  • Two people previously assigned to backing up data were transferred to tasks with greater added value
  • Number of suppliers decreased from three to one (Emyode—one-stop solution)


3) Productivity gains:

  • Data extraction now takes 30 minutes—87.5% less time than the four hours needed before our intervention
  • Reduced duration of data backup from three weeks to eight hours
  • Now that remote processing is possible, time spent on incident management has decreased significantly
  • Increased employee productivity by 50% thanks to centralization of tools