3 reasons to choose the Azure cloud platform- Part 2: Strengthen security and streamline compliance
4 June 2021
by Romain Isaac

In our first blog dedicated to the Azure cloud, we presented the many advantages that the Microsoft platform offers in terms of management and cost optimization. In this second blog, we will focus on the solutions and features that Azure cloud provides to help you ensure security and compliance within your organization.

While the efficient growth of cloud computing services has helped businesses streamline operations and improve worker productivity, it has also introduced new risks and threats.

To address these new security challenges, Microsoft counts on a team of more than 3,500 global cybersecurity experts working tirelessly to protect its customers’ assets and data. With an investment of more than $1 billion a year in cybersecurity research and development, Microsoft Azure has more certifications than any other cloud platform.

Migrating to the Azure cloud means ensuring business continuity in complete security thanks to several specific products developed and constantly updated by cybersecurity experts.


An integrated security footprint with Azure Sentinel

Microsoft Azure Sentinel is a scalable, cloud-native security information event management (SIEM) and automated security orchestration response (SOAR) solution. Azure Sentinel provides intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence across the enterprise by offering a single solution for alert detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting and threat response. The four key benefits of Azure Sentinel are:

Azure Sentinel Mockup - Azure Cloud Experts
Azure Sentinel screenshot – Reference: Microsoft

Azure Sentinel can also be integrated with other applications such as Microsoft Cloud App Security, a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that supports a variety of deployment modes, including data collection, API connectors and reverse proxy. It provides rich visibility, control over data movement and sophisticated analytics to identify and combat cyber threats across all Azure and third-party cloud services. By integrating natively with leading Microsoft solutions, Microsoft Cloud App Security provides simple deployment, centralized management and innovative automation capabilities for maximum protection against cyber threats, enabling you to detect and protect workloads from malware in Azure but also in other clouds and on-premises.


Improve your organization’s compliance status with Azure Security Center

The compliance dashboard in Azure Security Center is an excellent tool to help organizations understand their compliance position relative to industry standards. Reporting on compliance with specific standards is critical for regulated customers but tracking compliance status is also relevant for many other organizations that want to align with industry-defined best practices. Many organizations use compliance frameworks as the basis for their organizational security model.

Azure Security Center improves the overall compliance status of your organization. By performing continuous assessments, Azure Security Center provides rich, actionable information and reports to simplify your regulatory compliance journey.

Mockup Azure Security Center - Microsoft Azure Cloud
Azure Security Center screenshot – Reference: Microsoft

Protect hybrid cloud workloads with Azure Defender

Integrated with Azure Security Center, Azure Defender protects and secures your hybrid cloud workloads. In addition to defending your Azure environment, you can add Azure Defender’s capabilities to protect your virtual machines in other clouds such as AWS (Amazon Web Services) or GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

When Azure Defender detects a threat in any area of your environment, it generates a security alert. These alerts describe the details of the affected resources, suggested remediation steps and, in some cases, an option to trigger a logical application in response. Azure Defender also uses advanced analytics to make customized recommendations for your assets.


Artificial intelligence and automation to secure your future

Specializing in market research on the impact of technology in the business world, U.S.-based Forrester Research found that Microsoft Azure security technology automatically remedies 97 percent of detected endpoint attacks, freeing up teams to solve the most complicated cases.

Machine learning and the behavioral analytics built into it offer the ability to identify attacks, monitor networks as well as cloud services.

Finally, with artificial intelligence you can automate and accelerate the process of detecting and responding to threats. AI also allows you to eliminate the tasks associated with configuring and maintaining your security infrastructure by automatically scaling to your security needs and reducing IT costs by up to 48 percent compared to traditional SIEM (Security Information Event Management) solutions.


Our CloudDevX experts do it all to keep you safe

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of the products and features available in the Azure cloud to ensure security.

As trusted and Silver Security certified Microsoft partner, Emyode helps organizations build scalable and secure cloud applications by taking full advantage of the Azure platform. Our CloudDevX experts secure your entire software development lifecycle. If you want to know more about Azure cloud security, please contact us and an expert will get back to you within 48 hours to answer all your questions and find the ideal solution for your organization and its needs.