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3 reasons to choose the Azure cloud platform – Part 3: Improve your business performance
7 July 2021
by Maxime Plante

In the face of increasing competition and an ever-changing industry, innovation and development are the key to keeping your business going. That’s why, in the third and final episode of our Azure cloud series, we wanted to focus on business performance and the productivity of those who work hard to develop ever more innovative applications: your developers.

Now that you have the tools to control and optimize your cloud costs while ensuring your organization’s security and compliance, all that’s left to do is find out how Azure enables you to excel in software and application development to ensure your business success.


Streamline your developers’ work and boost your productivity with Azure

In today’s environment, the innovation and performance of software and applications are more essential than ever to ensure the survival of companies. Development teams are at the heart of this process and are the guarantors of the smooth running of the company and its business. That’s why it’s critical to provide developers with the tools they need to drive innovation and competitiveness in the marketplace.

There is no better platform than Azure if you want to develop your own applications. Not only does the platform integrate with all your development tools (Power Apps, Visual Studio, Azure DevOps), but it also allows your developers to code in the language they prefer and be up and running quickly. Java, Node.js, .NET, PHP, Python, or React are languages that can be used on Azure.


Azure provides your developers with a set of tools that promotes the developer velocity, and thus improves the performance of your organization. In fact, according to the McKinsey survey on developer velocity, effective development tools are the number one driver of business performance. Organizations with efficient tools are 65% more innovative, and their developer satisfaction and retention rates are 47% higher than those in the bottom quartile for development speed.

Digital transformation and organizational resilience in today’s global climate depend not only on developers driving innovation, but also on providing them with those tools needed to code, collaborate, and develop innovative applications securely from anywhere.

In addition, Azure cloud’s powerful storage services help organizations integrate data and processes across the cloud. Organizations can also leverage machine learning capabilities, cognitive services, data processing capabilities, and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to develop, test, and launch new web applications.


Ensure your organization’s stability and growth

As you can understand, there are fundamental differences between on-premises and cloud infrastructure. The cloud provides instant access to innovative technologies and many new options that do not exist on-premises. That’s why it’s imperative to know the different options available for you on the cloud, and how these options can help you achieve your goals. And that’s where we come in and help you make the right choice to optimize your platform from the start using the right techniques and financial tactics in the cloud.


Make decisions easier with Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is the process of analyzing business information (strategies and tools) to better understand business data. Microsoft Azure helps organizations turn your data into easy-to-understand insights with business intelligence solutions, making it easier for your organization to make decisions.

Microsoft Azure business intelligence solutions allow you to visualize your data in real time with interactive reports, dynamic dashboards, charts, and many other tools that help you understand your environment and act quickly to continuously improve your performance.

                                      Microsoft Power BI screenshot – Reference: Microsoft

Ready to onboard with the Azure cloud?

Azure has made significant progress over the years. It now offers a set of features and capabilities that far surpass those of its competitors. By making a multitude of services available to its users, Azure offers the ability to have a single source provider and thus save time and ensure flexibility.

As a Microsoft Preferred Partner, Emyode helps companies build scalable and secure cloud applications by taking full advantage of the Azure platform.

Gold Certified Application Development, DevOps, Cloud Platform, Data Analytics and Silver Security Partner, Emyode will help you analyze your needs and develop a cloud platform that meets your business needs and growth objectives.

Emyode will support and advise you throughout your cloud migration process and, depending on the specifics of your project, will help you save money with the financial support offered by Microsoft. Do not hesitate to request more information about the conditions related this funding.

Contact our experts and discover how to boost your performance with the Azure cloud!