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3 reasons to choose the Azure cloud platform – Part 1: Ensure profitability
4 May 2021
by Romain Isaac

Cloud-based solution such as Microsoft Azure have become a success factor for compagnies of all sizes and industries. It’s been proven, the economic and business benefits of cloud platforms are now a fact, but when it comes to migrating to the cloud, which platform to chose is also very part of the question.

In 2014, Windows Azure became Microsoft Azure, and has been growing at a dramatic pace ever since. By offering a flexible, secure and, above all, scalable platform, Microsoft’s cloud solution is revolutionizing the business world. Its integrated cloud services allow developers to use almost any language to create, deploy and manage any type of application. Moving to Azure cloud services is a strategic decision for businesses. In fact, 95% of Fortune 500 compagnies are using Microsoft Azure to grow their businesses.   

Microsoft Azure is among the best cloud platforms and continues to make significant progress. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our CloudDevX team of experts provide counsel and support to our client companies as they migrate to the cloud, enabling them to meet their growth objectives.  

That is why we’ve decided to bring you, in a three blogs series, the key reasons why Azure should be at the top of your list of platforms to consider in your cloud migration or application modernization project. Today we will focus on why and how Microsoft Azure can help you ensure the best possible ROI by controlling and optimizing your expenses. 

Azure portal screenshot. Reference: Microsoft

Ensure your profitability with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform

It’s no secret that hardware and maintenance expenses have decreased significantly with the advent of cloud computing. One of the great competitive advantages of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform is certainly the flexibility, adaptability and simplicity of managing your costs. A great strength of Azure is the cost associated with databases which is extremely low starting at $7 per month for a development environment and $20 per month for production.


Pay as you go

With its pay-as-you-go offering, Microsoft Azure allows its customers to pay only for the use they make of their cloud platform. This allows companies to manage their budget efficiently and only be billed for the services they use. In addition, it is possible to cancel a service at any time if it does not meet your business needs. Pay-per-use pricing allows companies the freedom to grow at their own pace and adapt their platform to their growth objectives. However, other services are billed according to their availability on your cloud platform.


Save money with Azure Hybrid Benefit

Outside of the Windows ecosystem, Azure’s hybrid cloud is clearly its strength. Being at the forefront of IaaS and PaaS, the platform allows for particularly rapid deployment. The hybrid cloud environment offers companies the choice of operating autonomously or using a public solution. Hybrid cloud allows data and applications to move between the two environments and offers many benefits to organizations by combining control (of sensitive data), flexibility, cost effectiveness and ease of use.

With Azure Hybrid Benefit, you have the opportunity to significantly reduce your workload costs. It works by allowing you to use your local Software Assurance-enabled Windows Server and SQL Server licenses on Azure and it saves you up to 85% over the standard pay-per-use rate.


Optimize cost management

Cloud computing allows businesses to control, understand and anticipate costs from start to finish to ensure that your cloud investment is fully optimized. Azure Cost Management provides an array of features to improve the efficiency of your cloud platform and the performance of your business. By customizing your platform and resource management, Azure makes it easy to plan, analyze and reduce your expenses. For example, by using the Azure price calculator, you can estimate the costs of your projects on your cloud platform.

It is also possible to prevent your budget from being exceeded by configuring alerts on forecasted spending. These forecasted cost alerts inform you in advance when your expenses are likely to exceed your allocated budget, giving you the ability to hold your organization accountable for its spending so you don’t get any surprises.

Azure Cost Management
Azure Cost Management screenshot. Reference: Microsoft


Reduce service costs

Azure Advisor helps you optimize and reduce your overall spending on Azure by identifying unused and underutilized resources.

With this solution, you could optimize virtual machine expenses by resizing or shutting down underutilized instances. And although some application scenarios may result in low utilization by design, you can often save money by managing the size and number of your virtual machines. For example, Azure Advisor will recommend that you shut down or resize your used resources.


Streamline your cloud migration with our CloudDevX experts

Azure is full of services and features that allow you to always optimize and control your expenses. By migrating to Azure, you can ensure a quick and long-lasting ROI by scaling your cloud platform to meet your development goals and growth.

As a trusted Microsoft partner, Emyode helps companies build scalable and secure cloud applications by taking full advantage of the Azure cloud platform. As a Gold #1 certified partner, our CloudDevX experts can ensure the best possible ROI by helping you optimize the costs of your cloud.

Emyode will support and advise you throughout your cloud migration process and, depending on the specifics of your project, will help you save money with the financial support offered by Microsoft. Do not hesitate to request more information about the conditions related this funding.

Ready to boost your performance with Microsoft Azure? Contact us and an expert will be in touch within 48 hours to answer all your question to find the ideal solution for your organization and its needs.