5 reasons why working with a Microsoft GOLD Partner benefit your business
8 September 2021
by Maxime Plante

How working with a Microsoft GOLD Partner benefits your business?   

In today’s world of technology-reliant businesses, all that time invested in finding the perfect platform (or ideal product) is very significant. However, it is all the more important to investigate as thoroughly the partner who will design your solution and who will be able to ensure its evolution and modifications throughout its lifecycle. 

Choosing a qualified and competent partner to manage your applications is essential to maintain your business and growth. A certified partner is usually considered a guarantee of quality because those certifications attest to the expertise of the partner. But at a time when these are multiplying, how can you distinguish the most significant ones?   

While it is true that there are a large number of certifications available, Microsoft offers reliable and rigorous certifications that can say a lot about a partner. This is the reason why Emyode has been involved in the Microsoft certification process for over 15 years. We are committed to constantly develop new skills in order to provide our clients with quality service and peace of mind when they entrust us with a project.   


What is a Microsoft Certified Partner? 

Microsoft calls its certifications “Competencies”. These are requirements designed to meet specific customer needs and which are also recognizable by future partners. A partner can be just a regular partner, or be SILVER or GOLD certified. Partners who have achieved the SILVER competency level are among the top 5% of Microsoft partners in the world; partners who have obtained the GOLD competency level are part of the top 1%. While both designations are impressive, the GOLD competency is reserved for partners with greater expertise and special competencies, which helps them deliver innovative business solutions to clients. 


5 reasons to choose a Microsoft GOLD partner  

1. GOLD partners are always up to date with Microsofttechnologies

Microsoft technologies are constantly evolving, which means that competency requirements are updated along with them. This also means you get the guarantee that your partner is always up to date with the latest developments and new offers from Microsoft. 

2. GOLD partners meet the most stringent requirements

Microsoft GOLD certification indicates that a partner meets rigorous requirements set by Microsoft. It is an ongoing process that requires the partner to be constantly updated. GOLD certification must be renewed each year. This gives you the assurance that your partner has the necessary knowledge about the product or technology in place and knows how to make the most of it to meet your needs. 

3. GOLD Partners are directly connected to Microsoft 

Because Microsoft GOLD Partners have direct access to advanced support from a team of Microsoft experts, you can be assured that your request will be handled efficiently and quickly. As a result, your problems are resolved more quickly. 

 4. You get a free trialwhen working with Microsoft GOLD Partners  

Because Microsoft GOLD partners have access to various product licenses, they are able to develop demos that offer customers a demonstration of feasibility or proof of concept (also called “PoC”). A customer can therefore benefit from a trial before committing to a solution. 

5. Satisfied employees, satisfied customers  

At Emyode, career and skills development are both at the heart of our concerns because we aim at promoting our employees’ well-being and job satisfaction. This is why we encourage and invest in continuing training, so that each team member can develop his or her career plan according to his or her ambitions. Today, our certified employees are able to offer excellence to our clients, and we are proud to account for the following competencies:    


These competencies allow us to offer solutions perfectly adapted to the needs of our customers, solutions that are innovative, customizable and scalable. 

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