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5 reasons how AMMP can help you in your application modernization process
26 May 2022
by Maxime Plante

The importance of application modernization

As organizations become increasingly dependent on technology, digitization has become an important part of the modern business ecosystem. One thing about technology is that it is dynamic in nature and it changes rapidly with new ideas and innovations. As information technology evolves and advances, older systems become increasingly obsolete and need to be updated or replaced. Keeping up with innovation is important to business success, and modernizing applications is one of the easiest ways to do that.

Using the cloud opens the door to many opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Whether you have a small business that takes advantage of cloud access to remote employees or you are part of a multi-site operation that benefits from the synchronization provided by the cloud infrastructure, this advanced technology has proven to be a long-term success for your business.

However, for companies that have been operating for a long time, moving to the cloud is not as easy as copying older systems and deploying them to new infrastructure. Although possible, it is not recommended in the long run.


What is the Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP)?

Microsoft has released several updates to Azure, including the Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP), just a name change on the surface, the addition of “M -Modernization” is important. AMMP, an evolution of the Azure Migration Program, helps companies evaluate how their local workload – and costs – will work in Azure, and offers support such as smart standards for Azure Cybernetic Service and Azure API Management integration with Azure Event Grid.

The general manager of Azure product marketing Tanuj Bansal said in a blog post:

“AMMP is designed to serve the needs of our customers for migration and modernization across their entire infrastructure, application, and data estate. This is why we evolved the Azure Migration Program (AMP) to the AMMP a few months ago, expanding it to include support for application and data modernization”

AMMP covers a breadth of migration and modernization products spanning different apps, infrastructure, and data, including tie-ins with Azure Arc, Azure Spring Cloud, and Azure Cosmos DB. For example, AMMP supports deploying containerized apps to the Azure App Service via the Azure Migrate App Containerization tool, which helps modernize ASP.NET and Java web apps by packaging them as containers.

More companies are seeing the benefits of modernizing their internal applications and more are asking for help to make this transition. To take full advantage of what the cloud has to offer and ensure that your system keeps pace with ever-increasing and ever-changing requirements, you need to have a strategy in place to upgrade your applications, including older systems. A company like Emyode with its CloudDevx team can offer companies the resources they need for the path to the cloud from start to finish. CloudDevx can help with common migration and modernization scenarios; infrastructure and database migration, virtual desktop infrastructure and app and data modernization Emyode is one of the few companies in Quebec partnered with Microsoft that can help make this migration to the cloud possible.


5 reasons how AMMP can help you modernize your software ecosystem

1. Infrastructure

Get world-class infrastructure at a lower cost. Migrate on your terms for improved agility.

Institute consistent application development practices, while improving execution speed in hybrid environments by deploying and running your applications on Azure and/or locally using Kubernetes. Move your workloads to Azure to enhance IT resiliency, operational efficiency, and optimize costs. Quickly migrate Windows desktops and apps to Azure with Azure Virtual Desktop and access your desktop and applications from virtually anywhere. Modernize your web apps on a highly productive platform with fully managed services.

2. Security

Strengthen your data security with a trusted cloud environment.

Preserve your business assets with a team of over 3,500 global security experts and over $1 billion in Azure cybersecurity investments. Managed databases with an SLA of up to 99.995% and used by Microsoft Teams to help scale to 75M+ daily active users 3,500 security experts focused on securing your data and privacy

3. Innovation:

Innovate faster with a fully managed platform.

Innovation can provide the greatest business value; cloud adoption-related innovation can unlock new technical skills and expand business capabilities. The innovation phase of the Cloud Adoption Framework focuses on the elements of your portfolio that drive the greatest return on investment. Just like with migration, planning and preparation precede successful cloud-based innovation! Get increased scalability, high availability, enterprise-class SLA and built-in cost optimization by modernizing .NET, PHP and Java websites and applications with fully managed PaaS services.

4. Costs:

Cost-effective offers and incentives.

In terms of spending on application modernization, the return on investment is much higher than the initial investment. Migration and modernization program partially funded by Microsoft. Take advantage of Microsoft’s AMMP program to migrate and modernize your existing business applications to the Azure cloud at lower costs.

-Get free extended security updates when you move your Windows Server and SQL Server workloads to Azure. Save when you bring your on-premises licenses to Azure with the Azure Hybrid Benefit.

-Pay less with Azure—AWS is 5X more expensive than Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server.

5. Support

You will be supported by our Microsoft Certified Partner team for a successful Transition.

Our team can guide and execute the modernization, migration and evolution of your application portfolio to the Azure cloud. You will have immediate access to curated resources designed to support your migration and modernization efforts.


You need a team of experts to help with this transition

Application modernization has a cost and is not easy, but this investment will bring full returns and higher profits in the long run, if done with a knowledgeable and experienced company that can help with this transition. The move to AMMP will help reduce the costs that come from the complex maintenance of legacy software and on-premise databases, as well as higher revenue through higher employee productivity and customer satisfaction. The Azure Migration and Modernization Program offers customers prescriptive, giving customers the resources they need for a path to the cloud from start to finish. Let our CloudDevX experts at Emyode help you with this important transition.

Ready to boost your performance with the latest Microsoft technologies? Learn more about CloudDevX, our specialized team of certified experts (MCSD) in Microsoft cloud solutions development.